Smallest RC Helicopter

Posted on | Sunday, June 19, 2011 | 5 Comments

Miniature RC Helicopter is a delightful thing to fly around. The latest version of this wonderful invention is the Micro Mosquito. The little toy is one of the smallest copter that can be flown in the world. It is supposed to perform all its functions in the quietest mode. It only weighs 15 grams, the lightest in the RC family.
Its cost is only US $ 100. The chopper comes with fully charged batteries, so one can just buy, unpack and fly in leisure. It is available at retail shops.
Smallest RC Helicopter is also available with a set of double blades which move around in opposite directions. Both the blades have different motors to energize them. System of gyroscopic inertia provides balance and control to the helicopter. It can be flown during the night with two LED batteries.
Smallest RC Helicopter in small helicopter series, The Pico is not available at public shops. The tiny helicopter seems even tinier when held in the palm of a hand. One can experience eight minutes of delightful flying with this miniature thing.
Red, yellow and blue colors are available for this smallest RC helicopter. The minute thing comes with a big remote control which is bulkier than 10 gm heli. The little copter has also found its ranking among the Guinness World Records.
Roto-blade mechanism makes lifting up smoother. It is easy to maneuver and its auto stability workings make it a pleasurable experience to fly. These small helicopters have batteries made of Lithium Polymer which is of very light weight. The battery can be charged directly with a remote controller. The process of recharging is carried out with transmitters. If you have charged for half an hour then you can easily have a flying session of ten minutes. The small helicopters might seem fragile, but in reality they are both strong and durable.
There are both military helicopters and civilian helicopters available at choice. If you don’t have confidence in flying these little things, then this is nothing to worry about because Internet brings you visual demonstrations for flying these helicopters.


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  5. helen
    November 26, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    Good looking Helicopter.I like this model.Looking awesome.Mini RC helicopters are great fun and also make great gifts as they are very easy to fly and can be flown indoors.

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